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Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy Services

In addition to common issues such as depression, trauma, anxiety, and relational struggles, we also provide sex therapy, cultural identity work, and affirmative LGBTQIA+ practices. We particularly enjoy serving non-traditional family forms and those within marginalized groups.

Culturally-affirming Practices

Rooted in an intersectional lens, we strive to provide an extra layer of understanding and empathy regarding diverse ways of being and living. We are dedicated to continued awareness, knowledge, and personal growth in areas of global and multicultural development, so that we can provide an empowering and affirming environment to heal and grow.

Who We Are

In addition to common mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties, our therapists operate from an intersectional lens and offer specific, targeted services as well. We are a group of like-minded therapists, each with their own practice collaborating in the same physical building. Together, our therapists provide services such as trauma-release breath work, EMDR, sex therapy, intersectional and cultural awareness, targeted services for women and families of color, LGBTQIA+ services, immigration assistance and hardship letters, Spanish-speaking services, outpatient substance abuse issues, surgery and hormone letters for gender affirmation/confirmation, kink-aware therapy, identity journeys, and teletherapy (for Nevada residents). Please see the therapist directory for each clinician’s availability, rate/slidingscale, and contact information.

About Cypress Tree Therapy

Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas offers a culturally-affirming environment with top-notch clinicians ready to serve you and your family. We offer personalized treatment and tailor our approach to your needs, path, and vision.

At Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas , we offer services for individuals, couples, and families of any age, size, or structure. All of our therapists are licensed and trained in systems theory and strive to understand the larger systemic context of presenting concerns.

Through personal experience and academic research, at Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas we understand that marginalization causes extra layers of stress and can develop into mental health concerns. This will not be overlooked or minimized, and we understand that your path and experiences are valuable, unique, and valid.

Trauma-focused care is not new, but certain somatic approaches to treating trauma and PTSD are gaining favor in the general public. This is likely due to the tremendous amount of success many have found with bottom-up, body-focused treatment for healing traumatic past events. We offer EMDR, an evidence-based practice that many have found to reduce or eliminate trauma-based symptomology.

Cypress Tree Therapy provides clinical supervision for Nevada interns in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Professional Counseling.

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