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Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Nikki Beecher

Nikki Beecher, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Nikki is not currently accepting new clients

Nikki Beecher is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in informal education, biology, and health and wellness advocacy. She currently has a passion for open-mindedness and acceptance, empowerment, and sex positivity. Issues of specialization include anxiety, life transitions, sexual or intimacy concerns, self-esteem, communication, polyamory, non-traditional or open relationships, young adulthood challenges, cultural issues, porn/sex compulsion, high-risk behaviors, rediscovering self, depression, substance abuse, sex therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and parts therapy. Nikki also works with those who struggle with both mental health and substance abuse issues. A large part of her practice includes people with non-traditional sexual lifestyles, working with the LGBTQIA+ community, helping those struggling with sexual issues, and with couples navigating relationships after infidelity. Outside of doing therapy, she has a zoology degree and is interested in animal rescue, nature, and recreational sports.

Rates: $120 – $150/hour (sliding scale available)
Nikki is not accepting insurance at this time

Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Alyssa Christal

Alyssa Christal, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Alyssa is currently accepting new clients

As a Las Vegas native, Alyssa has a unique appreciation for and interest in working with diverse people from all walks of life and strives to provide inclusive care. Alyssa’s approach to psychotherapy is collaborative and person-centered, with a focus on developing personal love and understanding, empowerment, and growth. With a transparent and flexible nature, as well as a passion for creativity and expression, Alyssa hopes to provide clients a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment that encourages self-authenticity, healing, and mindfulness and allows a space for everyone to feel understood.

With an extensive knowledge of family systems, the LGBTQIA+ community, and cultural diversity, Alyssa incorporates an understanding and appreciation of communal health and equality into her therapy. Alyssa’s clinical interests include sexuality and gender/gender non-conforming persons, kinky and multi-partnered couples, multicultural families and couples, and issues of climate, nature, immigration, and generational stress and trauma. Further, she provides immigration hardship evaluations and services. She also welcomes individuals seeking help with anxiety, depression, grief, life-transitions, and stress. Alyssa believes that the process of therapy is different for everyone, and through it together you can find your unique path towards a life that embraces change and empowers you to live authentically and with self-love.

Rates: $120/sliding scale
Alyssa is not accepting insurance at this time

Alyssa also offers immigration hardship evaluations 

Christa Ellery, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Christa is currently accepting new clients (virtual only)

I believe everyone is worthy of growth, healing, and living authentically. The inner knowledge and tools gained in therapy can help you improve your relationship with yourself and others, identify and live by your values, and live more mindfully in all areas of your life. My goal is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space where you feel heard, respected, and empowered to grow. My approach is holistic, collaborative, and client-centered. I realize power impacts our ability to share and live by our own stories, and I strive to provide culturally aware and sensitive therapy. I have experience working with clients of all gender identities, sexual orientations, and relationship dynamics.

I am also passionate about helping people navigate grief and loss. I believe grief and loss accompany change- not just death and dying, but any life transitions. To lose friends, family, relationships, and parts of our identity or context is part of the human experience. This is something I honor, normalize, and validate in therapy. Loss can push us toward growth, provide us space to realize our strengths and potential, and help us cultivate gratitude for the present and things we have yet to lose.

Don’t worry if you’re making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time. – Scott Stabile

Rates: $120/hour
Christa is not accepting insurance at this time

Carissa D’Aniello-Heyda, Ph.D.

LMFT (she)
Carissa is currently accepting new clients (virtual only)

Carissa has been a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) since 2010, and an AAMFT-approved supervisor since 2016. Since 2014, Carissa has been a tenure-track faculty member in Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Texas Tech University.
Carissa has authored over 40 publications in the American Journal of Family Therapy, Contemporary Family Therapy, The Family Journal, and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. In 2016, D’Aniello was awarded the AAMFT Dissertation Award for her outstanding dissertation titled: A Common Factors Informed Mixed Methods Investigation of Clients of Marriage and Family Therapists’ Perception of Therapy Productiveness.
Carissa’s clinical practice has focused on parenting concerns,
adolescents, child behavior, and young adult issues. Carissa has also worked with clients around concerns related to sexuality, LGBTQIA+, and kink. Carissa believes in the uniqueness and inherent worth of every client, and aims to help guide them toward the change they seek to make.
Rates: $175/hour
Offers sliding scale, does not accept insurance at this time 
Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Amanda Flores

Amanda Flores, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Amanda is currently accepting new clients

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-Intern. I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology at UNLV in 2012 and went on to get my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at UNLV in 2015. My education, training, and knowledge have allowed me to work with various clients directly since 2014.

I am passionate about working with individuals struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, and trauma. I offer EMDR, an evidence-based trauma treatment and have always had a desire to help others through the struggles of life. I am human too, so I know that reaching out for help can be daunting. I commend you on even looking for help. I know that life can be complicated, and things are typically not black and white. While my approach to therapy is gentle, I will challenge you to push yourself for you to meet your desired goals. Therapy can be hard work for clients. I work best with individuals that are tired of suffering and are ready to face their stuff and make the necessary changes. I can’t change you, but you have to change you, and I am here to guide and support you in that journey.

Rates: $140/hour
Amanda currently accepts United Healthcare & Aetna

Hana Gutierrez, M.S.

LMFT-Intern (she)
Hana is currently accepting new clients

Deciding to come to therapy can be an intimidating decision. It is the first step in a journey of vulnerability, discovery, and self-love. Because of the magnitude of this journey, it is important to select a therapist that understands your needs and supports you. I strive to be authentic and provide a safe environment for clients and acknowledge the vulnerable space you are putting yourself in by initiating therapy. I support clients in cultivating their strengths and acknowledging how the daily ups and downs of life can affect the therapeutic process.

As a Black & Latinx woman and therapist, I cannot shy away from how systems affect our mental health. The world is not always a safe space. My therapy room is a space where you can authentically show up just as you are. In my practice, I aim to make a therapy space that centers the experiences of marginalized individuals, couples, and families.

Embarking on a therapeutic journey can be an emotional and difficult experience; because of this, I think it is important to find joy and humor where we can, to get through the ups and downs of therapy. If you think we could be a match, please reach out and let us begin our journey.

Rate: $100/hour (please contact for sliding scale based on economic justice)
Hana is not accepting insurance at this time

Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Coreen Haym

Coreen Haym, Ph.D.

LMFT (she)
Coreen is currently accepting new clients (virtual only)

Coreen served as a faculty member for eleven years in the Couple and Family Therapy Program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine, teaching for UNLV since 2007 and for Adams State University for ten years. She has been clinically active for over fifteen years and has several publications on consensual non-monogamy, as well as considerable experience presenting and instructing on clinical work and supervision with non-traditional families and diverse populations. Additionally, she works passionately and collaboratively with sexual issues, crisis/suicide risk assessment, language and diversity, LGBTQIA+, kink-aware psychotherapy, and gender and sexuality, helping empower clients to live authentically and with intention. She is a clinical fellow and Approved Supervisor of the AAMFT and a member of the American Counseling Association. Coreen has a 25-year history of advocacy and social justice action beginning in the nineties and through her work with several affiliates of Planned Parenthood as a sexuality and community educator. She enjoys working primarily with gender, sexuality, and couples, families, and individuals in diverse family structures. She currently supervises interns in both family therapy and clinical professional counseling. Coreen adores clinical work, supervision, and teaching and continues to dedicate her time to service in areas of writing, training, social justice, and community unification and development.

Rate: $200/hr sliding scale
Coreen is not accepting insurance at this time

Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Monica Magallan

Monica Muñoz, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Monica is not currently accepting new clients except immigration evaluations

Monica Muñoz is a bilingual Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Nevada.  Some of her clinical interests include working with the Latinx community, LGBTQIA+ community, acculturation/generational issues, cultural issues, immigration issues, and trauma. When working with clients, Monica takes a culturally sensitive approach to therapy and believes in working collaboratively with her clients to meet their needs. She strives to create a therapeutic environment where her clients feel safe, understood, and genuinely cared for. Monica has received training in conducting psycho-social evaluations for immigration hardship waiver cases and breathwork training to help with the treatment of trauma.

Rate: $120/hour
Monica is not accepting insurance at this time

Diamond Rodgers, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Diamond is currently accepting new clients

I grew up in Las Vegas, NV, and was privileged enough to have a diverse group of friends as a result. Celebrating diversity has always been a passion of mine. I love working with BIPOC women and the LGBTQIA+ community. I specialize in cultural issues and working with clients from underrepresented backgrounds. In my work, I highlight how oppression and colonialism impact the person and problem. Facing my fair share of discrimination, racism, and oppression I know just how damaging they can be to your mental health. I believe everyone deserves to be happy in life, but the journey to happiness can be a long and hard road. It’s my passion to aid in the navigation for those who find themselves lost and stuck. Let’s face it, we all need help sometimes.

I additionally specialize in setting/enforcing boundaries. I work with my clients on building their self-esteem, ability to speak up for themselves, and how to prioritize themselves. In order to set/enforce boundaries we must first know we’re worthy of having them. I invest in each client to create an environment of safety and comfort, tailoring my approach to individual needs. I utilize a small dog to offer comfort and support to clients who need physical comfort. Not a dog lover, no problem. Little Bear is happy to sit in my lap for the duration of the session.

Rate: $120/hour
Additionally, I now accept Optum and United Healthcare insurance.

Blanca Y. Torres, M.Ed. M.S.

LMFT-Intern (she)
Blanca is currently accepting new clients

Blanca is an intersectional feminist who strives for a social justice focus in her practice and believes that systems of oppression impact our mental and emotional well-being. The answer is not to learn to conform to our oppression, but to find and use our joy as an act of resistance towards systems that are relentless in their efforts to keep us marginalized. Blanca is a nationally recognized Fellow through the AAMFT Minority Fellowship Program, awarded to those who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting diverse and marginalized communities.
Blanca strives to make warm and genuine connections with her clients as she supports them in navigating all of the joy, grief, and everything in between that life brings us. Blanca wants to support you in nurturing your strengths and fostering your skills to navigate your day-to-day life in a way that is true to who you are. Blanca uses narrative and experiential therapies to help you identify how your past may be informing your present and to walk alongside you in re-authoring the stories you tell about yourself to help foster your growth. Blanca appreciates honesty and humor in the face of life’s absurdities
Blanca also holds a Master’s degree Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, and is EMDR trained. She is also fluent in Spanish and can provide therapy in Spanish.

$100/hour (please contact for sliding scale based on economic justice)
Blanca is not accepting insurance at this time 

Blanca also offers immigration hardship evaluations

Jean Vignola

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Intern (she)
Jean is currently accepting new clients

The ability to question and confront past traumas and grief while exploring emotions in a safe space is essential to growth and wellbeing. I focus on clients from every walk of life and want our time together to be open and non-judgmental. I want you to feel safe sharing everything and know that it will be okay. Let me be that support system so we can work together to make life a little bit better.
My style of therapy has elements of psychotherapy, and is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT). I believe learning our backgrounds and histories can be impactful as it helps us understand ourselves more fully. However, once established, I am very interested in helping you feel better as soon as possible.
I have passion for working with grief and loss; events experienced in the past often enable unwanted patterns, creating even more distress. I will dedicate myself to your journey, and what I ask in return is that you commit to our sessions and yourself.

$100 per session
Jean is not accepting insurance at this time 

Neeka Wittern

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern (she)
Neeka is currently accepting new clients

I am trained to work with individuals, couples, and families from various backgrounds. My goal is to help guide you through any challenges, trauma, or unexpected life changes you may experience. I especially have a passion for working with sex workers, disordered eating, poly/open relationships, LGBTQ+, suicidal ideation, multicultural couples/families, sexual issues, and trauma. I believe that clients have everything that they need to make positive changes in their lives within themselves. I focus on establishing reachable goals with clients that can be maintained even after your graduation from therapy.
I take an evidence-based approach that combines well-researched interventions from Internal Family Systems, Strategic Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models to help clients overcome trauma, grow, and navigate life. Furthermore, I am pursuing a certification in Sex Therapy from AASECT as a specialization.
My practice is open and affirming to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, socio-economic status, religious or political beliefs, and/or alternative forms of sexual expression and lifestyle. I also personally understand the importance of promoting a compassionate and trustworthy relationship with my clients.
Rate: $95 per session
Neeka is not accepting insurance at this time 

Jacent Wamala, M.S.

LMFT (she)
Jacent is not currently accepting new clients

Jacent Wamala is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Instructor at UNLV, and Co-founder of E’kubo. Her goal is to help women overcome the things they’ve been through and build the life of their dreams one session at a time. In her words “the past doesn’t define you”. Her private practice focuses on serving women, especially women of color, and works on issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma recovery and financial therapy.

She taught Personal Growth, Multicultural Issues in Families, Contemporary Couples and Families and trained the clinicians in the CFT program at UNLV. She states you are the best investment you will ever make and therapy can be the missing piece when life catches us off guard. recognizing that it can be scary to consider seeking assistance for personal issues. She commands you to have the courage to move closer to what you want and hopes to help you along the way. Her practice focuses on helping clients become more genuine and honest with themselves and each other to remove roadblocks and fully experience and enjoy life.

E’kubo is a non-profit organization that creates global service experiences focused on education, enrichment, and empowerment. She has spoken internationally on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, as well as Global and Mental Health. She was born in Uganda but raised in Las Vegas and never felt like she fit in. She and her cousin began E’kubo as a way to facilitate connection to culture and identity for themselves and others.

Rate: $120/hour
Jacent is not accepting insurance at this time

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