Services We Offer

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

Although we consistently see clients with common concerns related to depression, anxiety, and other mental health needs, we are also passionate about closing the service gap for underserved adolescents, marginalized communities and cultures, sex workers, as well as those in consensually non-monogamous and non-traditional family structures.

All aspects of health will be taken into consideration to promote the fullest exploration of all potential avenues of healing to help you live the empowered, authentic life that so many desire.

LGBTQIA+ and Culturally-Affirming Services

Through personal experience and academic research, we understand that marginalization causes extra layers of stress and can develop into mental health concerns. This will not be overlooked or minimized, and we understand that your path and experiences are valuable, unique, and valid. We are aligned with the communities we serve and can help with identity work, sex therapy, and surviving difficult life transitions. Additionally, we also provide letters of support for gender confirmation medical services and immigration hardship assessments.

Trauma-Specific Services

Trauma-focused care is not new, but certain somatic approaches to treating trauma and PTSD are gaining favor in the general public. This is likely due to the tremendous amount of success many have found with bottom-up body-focused treatment for healing traumatic past events. We offer EMDR, an evidence-based practice that many have found to reduce or eliminate trauma-based symptomology. Several of have also been trained in trauma-release breath work, which operates in a similar fashion to EMDR. Last, many of us also utilize trauma-focused CBT in conjunction with these somatic approaches as well.

Education, Consultation, and Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Monica Muñoz provides clinical supervision for Nevada interns in Marriage and Family Therapy and Clinical Professional Counseling. She is a clinical fellow and approved supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. All of our therapists tend to enjoy education, and many of us teach at the university level. Consultation is available as well as CEU programming for therapists and community members.

Meet Our Therapists

Together, we offer EMDR, sex therapy, intersectional and cultural awareness, targeted services for women and families of color, trauma-release breath work, immigration assistance, Spanish-speaking services and hardship letters, surgery and hormone letters for gender confirmation, kink-aware therapy, identity journeys, outpatient addiction and substance use issues, and teletherapy for Nevada residents.