About Desert Counseling Center

Our Story

Cypress Tree Therapy offers a culturally affirming environment with top-notch clinicians ready to serve you and your family. We offer personalized treatment and tailor our approach to your needs, path, and vision. In an open and accepting environment, we can work together to develop the best approach to your journey.

Core Values & Beliefs

Although we consistently see clients with common concerns related to depression, anxiety, and other mental health needs, we are also passionate about closing the service gap for underserved adolescents, marginalized communities and cultures, sex workers, as well as those in consensually non-monogamous and non-traditional family structures.

All aspects of health will be taken into consideration to promote the fullest exploration of all potential avenues of healing to help you live the empowered, authentic life that so many desire.

Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Office Lobby
Cypress Tree Therapy Las Vegas  Therapist Office

Meet Our Therapists

We are a group of like-minded therapists, each with their own practice collaborating in the same physical building. In addition to common mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties, our therapists operate from an intersectional lens and offer specific, targeted services as well. 
Together, our therapists provide services such as trauma-release breath work, EMDR, sex therapy, intersectional and cultural awareness, targeted services for women and families of color, LGBTQIA+ services, immigration assistance and hardship letters, Spanish-speaking services, outpatient substance abuse issues, surgery and hormone letters for gender affirmation/confirmation, kink-aware therapy, identity journeys, and teletherapy (for Nevada residents). Please see the therapist directory for each clinician’s availability, rate/sliding scale, and contact information.